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On May 25th 2018 a ground breaking piece of legislation (General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR) came into effect giving UK citizens, and many others, much better control of their data when it is collected, processed and stored by third parties. This page sets out Kite’s Privacy Policy and its purpose is to provide users of the Kite Website and Services with a transparent, unambiguous statement about our approach to data protection. Amongst other things it provides answers to the following questions:

We have presented the answers to those six questions in an easy to read, plain speaking format and for those that like the detail, you can also click on the links provided to drill down to the next level of detail where it is applicable.

Before we get into the finer detail, we want you to know who we are and how you can contact us with any issues or queries you have about our Privacy Policy.

Kite is a trading name of Kite Legal Design Limited and our address is Tregyddulan, St Nicholas, Goodwick, Pembrokeshire, SA64 0LX. For the purposes of GDPR Kite is both a Data Controller and a Data Processor. Our Information Commissioner's Office Registration Number is Z8737416.

If you need to contact us regarding our Privacy Policy or anything related to Data Protection, you can call us on 01348 858111, email us on or write to us at the address noted above.

1 - What Data Do We Collect?

1i - When you arrive at our website,, it is very helpful for us to know, amongst other things, what pages you look at so that we can improve the service that we offer to you and others. We use Google Analytics to monitor how users interact with our website and this enables us to see a range of anonymous data collected and presented by Google Analytics. You can see Google’s detailed Privacy Policy by clicking on the links below:

If you simply browse our website and take no further action, then we do not collect any more information about you or your visit and of course everything collected up until this point is anonymous.

1ii - If you choose to make contact with us via our KiteConnect Pop Up Form, we will ask you to provide us with information pertinent to your enquiry, which will include some or all of the following:

1iii - If you choose to contact us by email, we will collect the information that you provide to us as emailed content, along with any responses we may send to you via whatever format we choose.

1iv - If you choose to contact us by sending us written correspondence through the post, we will collect the information that you provide to us as written content along with any responses we may send to you via whatever format we choose.

1v – If you choose to call us on our 01348 858111 number, we will collect an electronically typed summary of the call, along with the date and time the call was made and, if it is provided by your network operator, the number that you used to call in on.

1vi – In addition to the details noted in item 1v above, if you leave a voicemail message we will collect a recorded copy of your voicemail message.

1vii – If you subscribe to any of our email marketing lists we will collect some or all of the following items of data:

If we send you any emails using our email marketing lists we record the emails sent, along with a date and time sent and sometimes receive feedback about whether or not you opened the email or whether it was successfully received. If you unsubscribe from any of our lists, that fact will also be recorded.

1viii - If you become a customer of Kite in order to take advantage of any of our services, be that Website Hosting, Domain Name Registration, Website Design and Development or any of our Marketing Services, we will collect your contact details and details about your business if applicable. Specifically, we will ask you to provide some or all of the following:

1ix - As a customer of Kite, when we engage with you via any method, including but not limited to, email, telephone, text message, social media or by post we will collect notes regarding that engagement in our Customer Relationship Management System (CRM).

2 - Who Collects The Data?

The data that we collect comes in various formats from various locations and we use third parties to collect some of the information on our behalf. We have detailed below specific information about all entities that collect the data summarised in item 1 above.

2i – All of the information that we collect about how you interact with our website (detailed in item 1i above) is collected by Google using Google Analytics.

2ii – When you choose to make an enquiry with Kite via our website, we collect the data set out in item 1ii above ourselves. If you elect to call us on our 01348 858111 number to make an enquiry, that data, as set out in item 1v above will also be collected on ourselves.

2iii – If you choose to email or write to Kite, we collect the data noted in items 1iii and 1iv above ourselves.

2iv – If you leave us a voicemail message the data noted in item 1vi above is collected on our behalf by Voipfone. Voipfone are a UK based provider of Voice Over IP Telephony Services.

2v - If you signup to any of our marketing lists, the data noted in item 1vii above is collected on our behalf by ActiveCampaign LLC.

2vi – When you become a customer of Kite, we collect the data noted in items 1viii and 1ix above

How Is The Data Collected?

Given the range of data types Kite collects, the method of collection varies considerably. To enable Google to collect the data noted above via Google Analytics, we place a code snippet, supplied by Google, on every page of our website. This code snippet is triggered when a web page is loaded and allows Google to collect the pertinent data.

The data that we collect regarding your website enquiry with Kite is provided by you completing our KiteConnect Pop Up Form and it is emailed through to our office.

Why Do We Collect The Data?

In order to monitor and improve our service and website, we need to collect the information noted in item 1i above. The information we and others collect about how you and others use our website allows us to identify what our users like about our website and also gives us an indication of areas where we need to improve things. We also use the information that we receive to analyse our business’s performance using statistical data that we glean from the data we collect.

Our KiteConnect Pop Up Form is provided to allow website users and customers to engage with Kite and submit a query. We collect the data noted in item 1ii above in order to respond to the queries submitted.

The data referred to in items 1iii, iv, v and vi all relates to communications between Kite website users and customers of Kite. We collect the data in order to respond to you in an appropriate manner following receipt of your email, letter or telephone call.

If you signup to one of our email marketing lists we collect the data noted in item 1vii above so that we can send you emails with content that is relevant to the subject matter the list serves.

As a Kite customer you have access to all of the services that we provide and some of the services we offer require resources/services from third parties such as Nominet for UK domain name registrations and renewals for example. Kite need your contact information in order to operate effectively, communicate with you and send you accurate invoices for the services we provide, but in addition to that, several of the third party organisations that we use require your data to be provided in a particular format and comprising very specific data. Using Nominet as an example again, they require your Organisation Number if applicable (so a Registered Company Number if you are a Limited Company). For this reason, we collect all of the applicable data listed in item 1viii above when you become a customer of Kite.

We use a Customer Relationship Management system (CRM) to manage some of our engagement with customers. It helps us to organise the information that we generate about our customers and keep track of how we have interacted and communicated with them. The data noted in item 1ix above is collected and stored as part of that usage of the CRM and contributes to our ability to provide an efficient and well managed service to our customers.

Who Do We Share The Data With?

Much of the data, noted in item 1 above, that we collect is only used by Kite, but there are a few items noted that are shared with other organisations. This sharing of the data is necessary because those organisations provide elements of the service that Kite ultimately provide to you or because they provide Kite with administrative or professional resources that Kite require, (such as Accountancy Services) or because they provide systems/software that Kite use that store the data we collect or they collect on our behalf. The specific detail of those various examples are noted below.

If you leave a telephone message having called us on 01348 858111, the data noted in item 1vi above is collected on our behalf by Voipfone, who are a UK based provider of Voice Over IP (VOIP) telephony services. Essentially, the recorded voice message is stored on servers operated by Voipfone.

The CRM system and Email Marketing software that Kite use is provided by ActiveCampaign LLC and the data noted in items 1vii and 1ix above is stored on servers operated by ActiveCampaign LLC.

If Kite register or manage a .uk domain name for you, we share your contact details (see 1viii above) with Nominet, who are the UK Domain Name Registry for all .uk domain names.

If Kite register or manage a generic (.com, .net, .org for example) domain name for you, we share your contact details (see 1viii above) with Tucows, who are a global Domain Name Registrar based in Canada.

If Kite provides web or email hosting services for you, we share your contact details (see 1viii above) with our UK based Hosting provider.

How Long Do We Keep The Data?

The details that you provide when you make an enquiry via our KiteConnect Pop Up Form will be kept for 12 months, at which point the enquiry details will be anonymised by deleting your first name, surname, email address and telephone number. The “Your Question” data will be kept indefinitely for statistical purposes and evaluation of our business.

Your contact details, as noted in item 1viii above, and the CRM data that we hold (see item 1ix above) will be retained which you remain a customer of Kite and for 5 years after you stop being a customer of Kite.

Any written correspondence sent or received by email or by post will be kept for a period of 7 years.

Any telephone messages received and stored by our Voip system will be kept for a maximum of 3 months before being permanently deleted.

Having subscribed to any of our email marketing lists, we will retain your data (see item 1vii above) indefinitely or until you unsubscribe from the list.

Your Rights As A Data Subject

Under the GDPR legislation, people whose data we collect, process and store are known as Data Subjects and the legislation sets out certain rights that you have as a Data Subject. You can read more information about this on our Kites’ Data Subjects’ Rights page.

Is Everything Clear?

We have endeavoured to write a privacy policy that is easy to read, informative and gives a complete and transparent picture of our approach to data privacy and protection. If you have any unanswered questions having read the policy, please do feel free to contact us directly (see the details at the top of this page) and we will endeavour to answer your query and improve our policy should it be found wanting.

Date First Published: 23/05/18

Current Version: 1.0

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