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Kite Legal Design’s WordPress Hosting Package – KiteGuard

Does your practice have a WordPress website? It might be your firm’s main website or possibly a smaller site for one of your niche areas of law but either way, is it robustly hosted? Have you followed Google's advice and moved to a secure connection (SSL)?

WordPress is one of the most prolific content management website platforms on the planet, with the number of installs in the tens of millions globally. That’s testament to its ease of use and flexibility but also makes it a target for hackers. At Kite we host WordPress sites for Law Firms all over the UK and in recent years we have seen a steady increase in hacking attempts on our clients’ sites. That fact, coupled with the extra emphasis that Professional Indemnity Insurers are placing on cyber security, has meant that we have had to develop a new, more robust solution for our legal clients. KiteGuard provides not only world class hosting but also bolsters your firm’s cyber security, evidencing due diligence to your PI Insurer AND takes care of the burdensome administration and maintenance of WordPress sites.

You may well already have heard that Google has been pushing, for some time now, to move all websites towards SSL to provide users with a secure connection and greater peace of mind when surfing the web. Perhaps more importantly though, they are using the presence of an SSL certificate as a consideration in their search algorithm, meaning that NOT having an SSL certificate in place is affecting search engine results.

KiteGuard is a premium WordPress hosting package, specifically designed for Law Firms, but it is so much more than simply website hosting. Consider the following questions:

  • Are you following Google's advice and hosting your website using SSL?
  • Does your firm have a current copy of your website backed up anywhere?
  • Are you keeping your WordPress installation fully up to date and secure with all of the latest updates from WordPress?
  • If you have a WordPress site, you will also be using several WordPress Plugins, is anyone regularly checking for, installing and testing the regular plugin updates?
  • Do you have a procedure in place for recovering from a successful website hacking attack?
  • Your PI insurer or broker has probably already asked you about your cyber security procedures and your website is a fundamental part of your firm’s digital assets, is it securely hosted and adequately protected?

If the answer to any or all of the above is no, you need KiteGuard. Contact us today for a free review of your current hosting. We will give you a straight forward appraisal and if appropriate we will sign you up for KiteGuard and take care of the whole migration process for you, it is all part of the service.


Will it involve downtime for the website?

All of the preparatory work involved in migrating your website across to KiteGuard can be done whilst your current website remains live. Once that work is complete there would be a small window of downtime, typically 2 hours, whilst we make the final swap and update your dns records. We would normally look to complete that part of the work after office hours, keeping you live and online during your busy period.

Will the migration affect our emails?

We don’t need to change anything about how your emails are hosted in order for you to benefit from KiteGuard. You can leave your emails with your current supplier and there will be no interruptions to that service. We do of course offer a world class Email Hosting service and would be delighted to incorporate that into your package if required.

Are we tied in to a contract?

There is no contractual tie in for the KiteGuard service, you are free to cancel your subscription at any time. We ask for at least 7 working days notice so that we have time to tidy everything up for you before the end of the month and your service will continue until the last day of the month for which you have paid.

Is there technical support?

Absolutely, it’s a given. We are here during office hours to take your call on our dedicated support line. Everything about the KiteGuard service is supported by us and you will get a same day response with an indication of a time to resolve your issue if we are not able to resolve it on receipt.

If you prefer to operate online, we have an online system via which you can raise a support ticket. Your query arrives with the same people, providing the same world class response, so feel free to call or submit online.

Can I signup and pay online?

Of course! You can start the process by signing up here. We will take your basic contact details and ask you to complete our online direct debit mandate. The whole signup process will take you 3 minutes and all you need is your contact details, bank account number and sort code, that’s it!

Prefer to speak to someone instead? No problem, give us a call on 01348 858111 and we will be happy to take your details over the phone and complete the direct debit mandate for you.

When will payment be taken?

Payment is taken in advance by Direct Debit at the beginning of each month. We will issue you with a pro-rata invoice for the first month of service so that you only pay for the numbers of days you use from signup until the end of the month. Going forward you will be charged £50 per month plus VAT and a VAT invoice will be emailed to you during the first week of the month.

We have tried to provide a comprehensive list of FAQs but if there is anything that’s not entirely clear about our KiteGuard service please do let us know.

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