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Does your Firm actively market your website? Are you paying for Google Ads or Search Engine Optimisation or are you relying on organic traffic? Whatever you do to get potential clients to your Firm’s website, what is important is turning those ‘browsers’ into potential clients; it is all about conversion!

KiteConnect was built to improve website engagement and conversion, providing an opportunity for potential clients to communicate with your Firm in a way that many websites do not make available. Not every visitor to your website will be comfortable on the phone, not all of them will be pro-active and seek out your enquiry form. Good Conversion Strategy is about making engagement easy for your potential clients, letting them communicate with you in a way that suits them and works (provides ROI) for your Firm.

Sign-up for our £1 trial and let KiteConnect bolster your Client Conversion Statistics 24/7, every day of the week!

Live enquiries, delivered effortlessly into your Inbox, wherever you are in the World! KiteConnect delivers your new enquiries immediately, by email.

So How Does It Work?

When a website visitor lands on your web page, KiteConnect keeps track of how long they stay on the page and after 30 seconds, it displays a pop up window asking if they need any help. When they (invariably) click ‘Yes’ they are presented with a box to enter their question or enquiry.

Once their question/enquiry is submitted, KiteConnect asks for some basic contact details (first name, surname, email and telephone number) so that you can follow up with them and provide a response. We then finish with a ‘Thank You!’ Message which completes the process.

All of the submitted details are emailed immediately to you so that you can pick up the telephone or draft an email and turn that enquiry into a live client as soon as possible; timing is super-important if you are serious about conversion!

If you are tracking conversions via Google Ads or Google Analytics, you can integrate the tracking code into KiteConnect via the Online Admin Panel to get an even clearer indication of your ROI.

Give it a try! You have nothing to lose by signing up for our free trial and see for yourself how effective KiteConnect is at improving engagement and conversion.

Why Use KiteConnect?

Primarily KiteConnect is about improving engagement and conversion and you can limit your use of it to simply that if you choose to. That said, there are nuances to what KiteConnect can do for you.

Ask yourself, why someone might ask a question whilst browsing your web page? Hopefully it is because they have read your page, are happy that you are the right Firm for them and they simply want to move things along and engage. But it is also possible that they have read your web page content and have NOT had their ‘question’ answered, which means there is scope for improvement of the content on that page.

KiteConnect notes the page that the potential client was on when they submitted their question and embeds that feedback into the email that you receive, allowing you to assess and scrutinise as required, making changes to your copy if you choose to. That feedback loop is an invaluable resource for improving your website content. Good content is essential for good client conversion and also helps Google and other search engines to see that your content is up to date, accurate and engaging; significant factors if you want to rank well in the search engines!

Giving your potential clients choices about how they communicate with you is essential if you want to have the best chance of them deciding to engage with you. Why would you not chose to make it as easy as possible for them and provide another possibility for those that prefer not to call or email?

KiteConnect provides a Dynamic Element to your website, providing stimulation to engage beyond the static elements that are more traditionally used such as your enquiry form or presenting a telephone number to call.

KiteConnect Benefits

  • Low Monthly Cost with no contractual tie in
  • Improved Conversion of website visitors
  • Fully responsive design
  • Quick and easy to go live
  • Full technical support
  • Standard and Bespoke versions available
  • Integrate with Google AdWords/Analytics tracking

KiteConnect FAQs

  • Q – Does KiteConnect work with WordPress?
    • A – Yes, integration with WordPress sites is quick and easy and can all be done via your WordPress control panel.
  • Q – I am not technical, would you install KiteConnect for me?
    • A – We have produced lots of help, videos and written procedures, to guide you through the process but if they do not help we will be happy to install the code for you.
  • Q – How long does it take to install the code?
    • A – For most websites you can be live within 15 minutes

Our 30 Day Trial Offer - £1 (Plus VAT)

Sign up for our £ 1 trial offer for 30 days use of KiteConnect. It’s a really easy 3 minute process to signup, all you need is your basic contact details and bank account details.

We use GoCardless as our Direct Debit Provider and ask you to complete a direct debit mandate for the initial £ 1 Plus VAT. After the 30 day trial, the monthly fee reverts to our standard pricing of £ 20 Plus VAT per month, payable on the 1st of the month.

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